How to Protest in the Land of plenty

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Movie details

Production: Pangolin Doxx Film, 2023
Produktionsort: Oberschwaben, Germany 2021-2023
Director: Bernadette Hauke, Christian Fussenegger
Camera: Christian Fussenegger, Micha Roth, Rebecca Lang
Sound: Rebecca Lang
Editing: Christian Fussenegger
Mischung: Wave-line
Length: 92 min.

Movie description

A film about tree-climbing, self-empowerment and maximum impact. And water. And lots of gravel.

In the rural area around the southern German Altdorf forest, nicknamed "Alti", people tend to feel confused and threatened by protest and civil disobedience, even when it aims to preserve natural foundations of life such as nature, water and soil. But a group of tree-climbing activists opposed the planned deforestation of this idyllic stretch of woodland to make way for gravel excavation come up with an effective form of resistance. Over the course of the film, local people increasingly recognize that as state property the "Alti" belongs to everyone - and that everyone should have a say in its future.

The filmmakers accompanied the activists for more than 18 months, filming their everyday lives and climbing activities as they built a tree house intended to help stop an irreversible act of environmental destruction. The result is a portrait, a political statement relevant throughout Germany and Europe, and an homage to the largest forest in southwest Germany and the people who want to preserve it.

Show dates:

» 12.04.2024 Kirchzarten, Einszweidreisam, 8 p.m
» 17.04.2024 Weil der Stadt, cinema backdrop, 7 p.m
» 18.04.2024 Tübingen, Epplehaus Youth Center, 7 p.m
» 21.04.2024 Hamburg, Mokrystrasse 1, “Go Mokry” house project, 8 p.m
» 22.04.2024 Flensburg, Blau:pause 8 p.m
» 09.05.2024 Salem-Neufrach, Backhaus, 20.00 Uhr
» 12.05.2024 Kleinschönach, Kunsthalle, 11 a.m. ("Buchvergnügen")
» 15.05.2024 Ravensburg, Jodokskirche
» 17.06.2024 Oldenburg, Kino Casablanca / film series “Alles Utopie- films for future”, 6.30 p.m
» 04.07.2024 Wolfegg, Bräuhaus Roßberg
» 13.07.2024 Tübingen, Museum Kino, “Cinema for future” festival, together with P4F
» 13.08.2024 Göppingen, Open Air Film Festival Bosslerflimmern, 9:15 p.m. -> before, 7:30 p.m. Discussion with activists and supporters from the Alti

Film screenings scheduled at short notice - also on the occasion of the imprisonment of Charlie and Samuel and other activists and upcoming face trials on Instagram:

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