Pepe and the world of insects

Movie details

Production: Germany, 2020
Series: Look into my world (Schau in meine Welt)
Channel: Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (RBB)
Director: Bernadette Hauke
Camera: Luana Knipfer, Dunja Engelbrecht
Sound: Moritz Kerst, Tom Claudon
Editing: Sonja Baeger
Length: 25 min.

Movie description

Insects are neither cute nor beautiful, but very exciting, thinks eleven-year-old Pepe from Berlin. His favorite animals are dragonflies, which control their four wings individually and can take off faster than a jet. And the bombardier beetle, which sprays hot poison in the face of its enemies so that it is not eaten.

But where do these insects still exist and how do they live? Pepe knows that many insects are going extinct in Germany because their habitat is being taken away. He wants to change that!

Awards and nominations

NaturVision Filmfestival 2021
Green Screen Filmfestival 2021
Dok Leipzig Filmfestival 2021

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