Marian and the Northern Balt Ibis

Movie details

Production: Italy, Austria, Germany, 2019
Series: Look into my world (Schau in meine Welt)
Channel: Kinderkanal (KiKa)
Director: Bernadette Hauke
Camera: Wolfgang Rebernik
Sound: Christoph Mangold
Editing: Sonja Baeger
Length: 25 min.

Movie description

Marian loves birds. For hours, he can watch the animals from the kitchen window. Or he starts after breakfast a round in the forest behind the house. He knows the birds fantastically well, recognizes them in appearance or singing. At home, Marian hatches chicks and raises them. Then he meets a bird that is considered extinct in Europe: the Northern Balt Ibis "That's why I was so surprised when I saw it, I told my grandfather right away, and he did not believe me until I showed them the videos and photos, and the woodlobe is very different from our native birds."

That was the trigger for Marian's passion for the Northern Balt Ibis. In a breeding project, the birds are resettled in their breeding areas north and south of the Alps. Young birds are being trained for the first flights on their old routes across the mountains. Marian is with them as often as he can. And hopes that at the end of the summer everyone will fly together towards the winter quarters.

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Waldrapp-Projekt "Reason for Hope":

Marian and the Northern Bald ibis is now part of the NaturVision Film Festival's school program with additional information and quizz available.