Jonas larger than life

Trailer: Bernadette Hauke (Vimeo)

Movie details

Production: Germany, 2016
Series: Look into my world (Schau in meine Welt)
Channel: Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg
Director: Bernadette Hauke
Camera: Hans-Peter Dürhager
Sound: Mustafa Özakbiyik
Editing: Sonja Baeger
Length: 25 min.

Movie description

When other kids take one step, Jonas will take two. When he plays football with his friends, he has difficulty keeping up with them. But when it comes to going downstairs, Jonas is unbeatable!

He uses his so-called "penguin method", careering downwards at high speed while leaning on the banister. If fact, his very short legs are of benefit to him in this situation. Jonas was born with dwarfism. He is now 12 years old, but only 1.20 m tall - unlikely to ever reach more than 1.40 m in height. This little boy can do most of the things other kids can do, just not for as long. His legs and his back soon start to hurt him. He’d love to play in a proper football team, but he knows he’s too slow.

"That’s the way it is, it’s something I’ve got used to." But he doesn’t let things get to him. The truth is: Jonas is usually a lot bigger than he appears!

Awards and nominations

Adolf Grimme Preis Logo

We are pleased about the Grimme nomination in the category "Children and Youth Film".

Kinder Medien Preis 2016

We are very happy about the special prize of the Children's Jury 2016 for Jonas larger than life.

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