Whistling El Silbo

Whistling El Silbo

Movie details

Production: Germany, Spain 2009/2010
Series: Fortsetzung folgt
Channel: RBB/KiKA (Children's Channel)
Director: Bernadette Hauke
Camera: Michael Diste
Sound: Ralph Windisch
Editing: Valeska Peters
Length: 30 min.

Movie description

Whistling as a school subject, you can learn this but nowhere else in the world than on La Gomera. If you are attending school on this small Canary Island, you will learn El Silbo, the language spoken by the locals.


The nine-year-old Jolene has grown up in Dortmund, Germany. During her holidays on La Gomera, she learned a lot about El Silbo and heard people whistling. Even the referee uses this instead of a trill. Jolene does not know at all how this sound comes out of her mouth. But she will have to learn it, because already after the summer holidays her family migrates exactly where the whistling is used as a language. Jolene is really excited and she thinks it’s supercool if she also uses the whistling as a secret language.


El Silbo has become choosen for the UNESCO's list of World Cultural Heritage in 2009.

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