I am Kilian

Movie details

Production: Germany, 2018
Series: Look into my world (Schau in meine Welt)
Channel: Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (RBB)
Director: Bernadette Hauke
Camera: Luana Knipfer
Sound: Dominik Weiß
Editing: Sonja Baeger
Length: 25 min.

Movie description

To be completely in the moment of here and now, acting spontaneously and impulsively, these are some of Kilian's special characteristics. He was born with Trisomie 21. That means Kilian doesn't only look different, his way of thinking and feeling is diverse to other children. There are many things Kilian can do - he just makes them differently and more intensively.

For a long time Kilian dreams of assisting his favourite clowns Gensi and Chistirrin at Circus Roncalli. When he gets the opportunity to do so, he goes on an emotional roller coaster ride between overboarding enthusiasm and the big worry of “will I be able to make it ?”.

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Film auf Kika "Schau in meine Welt": www.kika.de/schau-in-meine-welt/