Freddy - I dive for ghost nets

Filmbild: Freddy - ich tauche nach Geisternetzen

Movie details

Length: 15 min.
Series: ZDF stark!
Country: Germany, 2023
Director: Bernadette Hauke
Camera: Luana Knipfer
Sound: Hannes Hirsch
Editing: Christina Preussker
Editorial team: Carina Schulz, ZDF
Music: Ramon Kramer Networks
Post production: wave-line, Silke Albrecht, Matthias Behrens, Domingo Stefan, Mathias Wendt

Movie description

There is a lot of garbage on the bottom of the sea. Freddy has seen this during his dives. He wants to salvage the old nets that fishing boats have lost in the Baltic Sea, because they are a danger to marine animals, which get tangled up in them and die.

Freddy trains to salvage these ghost nets so that he can clean up a piece of the sea aboard the special ship "Seekuh" with diving professionals.

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